About Us

NextGuru started from a simple idea – an efficient online platform that connects students & parents with tutors & instructors. Last year, we tested a beta platform in Southern California and discovered a need greater than we ever imagined. In May 2011, we launched a redesigned website to better serve the parent/student tutor/instructor community. This summer, we began expansion to all fifty states.

We have designed our website directly from the feedback of our existing tutor members and the experience of those of us in desperate search for an instructor. As the quintessential "soccer mom" (constantly shifting from homework, sports, music lessons, enrichment activities and back to homework...), I have always been frustrated by the difficulty of finding the right instructors and programs for our family. It is my personal goal to remove these search & find barriers so that all of us can focus our time on learning.

Our NextGuru promise includes 1) a broad selection of tutors and music teachers, 2) commitment to the best match and 3) more for your money. I hope you are as excited as I am, and will consider joining this quest by recommending a tutor or becoming a tutor.

Jenny Chang (Chief Mom Officer) & the NextGuru team

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