FAQ from tutors

How does this work for tutors & teachers?

We are a California-based tutor-student matching site where private tutors, music teachers and coaches can create their own web page profile for online marketing. When creating your profile, you have the opportunity to designate subjects, availability, credentials, rate and more. Your profile remains a permanent advertisement to students that can be edited and/or removed at any time. Students coming to NextGuru.com can find you by zip code and subject, ask you questions through our secure messaging system, and sign-up for a trial class with you. After the trial class, you work directly with your prospective student on future classes and payment.

How do you reach students?

On behalf of our tutor-members, we engage in both online and offline marketing activities. These activities include advertisements in parent/student publications, partnerships with parent/student organizations, sponsored online search ads, local community ads, as well as good old-fashioned word-of-mouth referrals.

Do tutors/teachers have to pay for this service?

No. Unlike newspaper ads, online posts, and other marketing vehicles, we provide a permanent public profile completely free. The only tutor-membership charge is an optional “Paid Membership” that offers extra photos, a featured ad, preferred search result placement, and unlimited access to job postings.

Do you charge lesson commission?

No. Unlike tutors agencies and music studios who charge substantial commissions, you keep 100% of your lesson fees. After the initial trial class, you arrange all future classes and payments directly with your student.

Do all tutors have to participate in the trial program?

Yes. In order to offer free membership and because we do not charge lesson commission... the trial program is how we pay for technology and marketing costs. We believe this program is a true win-win with strong benefits to tutors (in-person "interview", serious students only, better match for more productive teaching) as well as students (discounted no-obligation first class, greater satisfaction).

What information do you require?

In order to create a profile that is useful for students/parents, we require teaching-related information including subjects, teaching specialty, teaching location, education, rate and an “About Me” section to describe your teaching, experience and style. In order for students to contact you, we require a valid e-mail address and phone number (this information will not be publically available). We do not collect any credit card information unless you choose paid membership.

Is my information private & secure?

Information required for the online student search tool will always be public (first name, last initial, teaching credentials, “About Me”). Personal contact information will remain private from the public search tool. Email and phone number will only be released to a student who has selected you for a trial class. We will not sell your personal information to any third party (see Privacy Policy).

What if I no longer want to have my profile posted?

You can always adjust your available hours if your schedule is full or you are no longer taking students. The advantage of keeping your profile is that once you have an opening, you can just open up your schedule again to receive students. If for any reason, you would like to cancel your account, we are happy to honor that as well.

FAQ from students

How does this work for students/parents?

We are a California-based student-tutor matching site where students/parents can find local private tutors, music teachers and coaches. Our website has a “Find Tutor” tool to search & select nearby instructors based on subjects, availability, credentials, rate, and more. Through our secure messaging system, you can ask questions to tutors. Using our NextGuru Trial Program, you can take a discounted trial class with as many teachers as you’d like, with no obligation. After a trial class, you arrange future classes and payment directly with your teacher-of-choice.

Why wouldn’t I just ask my friends and neighbors for recommendations?

Friends and neighbors are always a wonderful source, but it’s pretty unusual to be lucky enough to know someone… who happens to know a tutor in the subject you need... who happens to specialize in your student’s age group or learning need… who happens to have a schedule that fits yours… who happens to have good chemistry with your student. We do exactly what you do… we’ve asked friends, neighbors, teachers & colleagues for recommendations, and we’ve put them on our site so you don’t have to do all the legwork.

Do students/parents have to pay?

No. Unlike many finder services (e.g., childcare), it is completely free to search and contact our tutors. The only transaction we facilitate is our NextGuru Trial Program where you can select a discounted trial class with absolutely no obligation to continue. After the trial class, you arrange future classes and payment directly with your teacher-of-choice.

Do I get to choose my own tutor?

Yes. Unlike many agencies and studios, no teacher will be “assigned” to you. You search the profiles, you select your tutor(s), you take a trial class from as many teachers as you’d like... You are completely in control of the entire process.

How do you select your tutors?

Because we believe that everyone has different needs and that the best judge is the parent/student, we don’t “select tutors” for you. Our site is open to all tutors (from the high school student who just aced pre-Calculus to an experienced Physics professor with multiple publications) and it’s up to you to decide. We encourage you to ask questions, request recommendations (which the tutor can have posted online) and sign-up for a trial class with multiple tutors before making a final decision.

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