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December 23, 2011 Most tutors come on recommendations from other parents or teachers. However the tutor who works for one student may not work for the next (even if they're tutoring the exact same subject). The reason you get a tutor in the first place is that the way material is presented in class isn't clicking for you, right? So why not make it as personalized as possible? Read more at LearnBoost...

Where are All the Teaching Jobs? Working to Create Them…

October 27, 2011 Thousands of teachers are out of work and are looking for creative ways to earn income. Time-strapped, budget-constrained parents are desperate to get their kids help with their studies, but don’t have time or resources to help them. How do these students find available teachers? How do these teachers find students?

Come… connecting two groups of people who need and can help each other tremendously. For teachers, private tutoring offers great flexibility to set their schedules, take on other part-time or seasonal jobs, and be available for classroom teaching jobs when they open up. For students, one-on-one instruction is highly valuable, virtually non-existent in today’s public school classrooms, and difficult to afford through large tutoring centers or agency-based programs that need to cover overhead costs.

Enabling this difficult-to-find connection is how is creating new jobs – one student at a time… the 3rd grader struggling in reading & writing, but just not far enough behind to qualify for public assistance… the high school student who needs help preparing for college entrance exams… the 55-year-old who always wanted to learn the piano but just never found the time… These are folks who wouldn’t have walked into a tutoring center or a music studio. Yet by connecting them with private independent instructors in their local area, has opened up a whole new set of choices for students… and teaching job opportunities have been created.

Says Chief Mom Officer Jenny Chang, “Every day, connections are made… and receiving feedback about how much difference a tutor has made to a family is the most rewarding part of this work.” So if you are ready make that next guru connection, come be a part of this new venture at Goes National Just Three Months After Re-launch

August 26, 2011 Just over three months ago, a little Southern California startup,, launched a redesigned website for private tutors, music teachers and coaches and announced expansion to Northern California. “This was a big deal to us,” says Chief Mom Officer Jenny Chang, “At that time we were completely concentrated in the Los Angeles area and had plans to enter the San Francisco Bay area. There was no talk of national expansion beyond an aspirational goal.”

Hundreds of California-based teachers immediately signed up and those in neighboring states asked to be included as well. To meet this demand, the company began opening up tutor registration to new states in June. Since then, new states have been added each week, hundreds of new tutors have signed on, and has grown to over 4000 tutor members and counting. Just two weeks ago… the company officially opened up tutor registration to all fifty states.

How is growing so rapidly? Private teachers are challenged with finding affordable ways to advertise their service while maintaining some personal privacy. Their only alternative to fee-based classified ads are agencies which are less flexible and require lesson commissions to cover overhead. breaks these compromises by offering free teaching profiles to tutors, free search tools for prospective students, and a privacy-protected environment for users to exchange pre-class questions. Once a mutually-agreeable connection is made, students register for a no-obligation trial class which then establishes a true independent private teacher relationship – free of agency fees!

So no matter what state you live in, if you are a private instructor looking for a new way to market your services, consider becoming a tutor at where NextGuru is always looking for the next guru.

No Such Thing as the Best Private Tutor?

August 11, 2011 As primary and secondary schools cut resources… and as college admission and jobs become increasingly competitive… the tutoring industry has swelled to aid students striving to keep up with the demanding environment. Today’s tutoring centers and agencies tout their tutors to be “most qualified” or “elite university graduates” or “perfect test scorers” but is there really such a thing as the universally “best” tutor? The reality is that every student is unique, every family has different needs, and every teacher has very different strengths and weaknesses.

Is a gifted intellect with perfect SAT scores the best tutor for a struggling 2nd grader struggling to achieve grade-level reading fluency? Is a nationally-acclaimed concert pianist the best teacher for an autistic middle school student who loves music? Is an intense Division I athlete who has won two national championships the best coach for a recently-handicapped adult looking to try a new sport for fun & therapy? Possibly… but not necessarily. has taken a fresh new approach rooted in the philosophy that the best results come from offering the broadest choice to the parents and students who most clearly understand the need. All types of teachers from all walks of life are brought together on one single website, just a point and click away. Experienced classroom teachers, classically-trained musicians, retired coaches, college honor students, students who overcame a struggle, special education instructors, self-taught performers… the one common thread being a passion for teaching. Prospective students search, review and connect with teachers in a safe, privacy-protected environment… and then they take an in-person trial class to find their perfect match.

“It’s been amazing to watch this unfold…” comments Chief Mom Officer Jenny Chang, “…as each student has such different needs… there almost always seems to be one of our members who can meet that unique requirement.” So don’t worry if you have a very specific situation. Chances are that somewhere in the pages of you’ll be able to find your next guru. Accelerates Expansion into Five New States

June 28, 2011 Just over a year ago, launched a website in Southern California for students and private tutors to freely connect. With minimal resources, the company observed and tested the beta site and discovered more demand than anticipated. The small start-up began plans to draw on parent, student and teacher feedback to re-launch with enhanced search capabilities, privacy-protection, a “best match” trial program, and a brand-new look.

In May 2011, launched the redesigned website, a new “NG” logo featuring a book, music clef and ball, and the most critical element: hundreds of tutor profiles with pictures, subject expertise, credentials, availability, rates, recommendations and more. With the new website launch, e-mails came pouring in, asking the company to allow tutors from neighboring states to sign on.

In response to this enthusiasm, opened up tutor registration in Washington, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada and Texas just this month... and again, hundreds have already signed on. Why all this excitement? Traditional options like classified ads, agencies and centers do not always work for everyone. More importantly, none of these options give parents and students the same opportunity to evaluate multiple choices and make an informed decision.

“I’m so passionate about this space…” says Chief Mom Officer Jenny Chang, “...and there’s so much excitement out there that the NextGuru team is working around the clock to meet this growing need.” So check out the hype at – expanding quickly so you can soon find your own next guru. Helps Parents Take Education Back Into Their Own Hands

June 20, 2011 With diminishing school budgets, the need for affordable private tutors and instructors has exploded and is expanding to meet that demand. launched last year in Southern California to provide a free online platform for parents & students to connect with tutors & teachers. Their offering is unlike anything else in the industry. The website is a free, unbiased resource where all teachers can post their credentials and all parents/students can freely search, ask questions and choose a teacher in a safe, privacy-protected environment. Demand was so great that the company expanded across the state of California just this past April.

California school districts have been forced to increase class size and cut long-standing programs like music, physical education, reading specialists, and individualized learning. More and more, parents have been faced with supplementing their children’s education with private tutoring, music lessons, art classes, sports and more. Private instruction, once a privilege of the wealthy, has almost become a necessity of the masses. Unfortunately, most of today’s options are out of reach for the average family. Tutoring centers often require thousands of dollars up front; music studios and athletic clubs come with costly overhead and teaching fees. How does a family find a regular independent private teacher who teaches at the library, out of a home, or at the local park? has completely revolutionized how to find the independent, private instructor. There is finally someplace to go besides your neighbor’s cousin… someplace easier and safer than classified ads... At, families are empowered to search, review and choose from hundreds of tutors in their local area. All this is done in a privacy-protected environment with 21st-century search capabilities. There are no listing fees and no search fees – it’s all about seamlessly connecting students with teachers.

Says Chief Mom Officer Jenny Chang, “I have always been frustrated with how hard it is to find affordable private music teachers and tutors. With, I am on a mission to empower parents and students in that search and to create a reliable space for teachers to market their services.” This mission clearly resonates with others. Since the April website redesign and California expansion, hundreds of tutors have created teaching profiles, hundreds of students have visited the site, and messages are exchanged every day. So, if you are looking for a private tutor, music teacher or coach, peruse the pages of and who knows? Your next guru may be right there waiting for you…

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