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Alfina W. - Tutor in DENVER, CO

Subjects: Phonics, Reading & writing, Math, Homework help & study skills, English-Literature, English-Writing, Math-Algebra, Math-Geometry, Math-Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Science-Biology, Social Studies-History, Social Studies-Government, French, Other languages, GED, SAT/PSAT/ACT, GRE & application review, GMAT & application review, Business (economics/accounting/other), Career (resume/interview/presentation), Data & Stats (Access/SAS/SPSS/SQL/other), MS Office (Word/Powerpoint/Excel), Science-General/Earth, TOEFL, Malayo-Polynesian (Indonesian/Tagalog/Malay/other) , Algebra, Statistics, Biology, ASVAB, Writing/Proofreading/Editing, Psychology
Teaching Location: Tutor Home/Studio,Travel To Student,Remotely Via Video/Phone
Travel Radius: 10 mi
Specialties: Child/Early Development, ESL/Multi-lingual, Special Needs, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, College/Adult Education, Teaching Credential
Education: M.Ed - Special Education; MBA - Info Systems.
Certifications: Colorado License #130462; Hawaii License #7EF4JM
Hourly Rate: $30 - $70
Teaching Motto: Be the best that you can be. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.
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I am very hands-on. You learn by doing things. And with the right guidance and help, you really can't do anything wrong! You learn when things makes sense to you. It is my job to help you make sense of what you are trying to learn. You can literally do anything you want, just as long as it makes perfect sense to you! I am a Professional Teacher in Colorado and Hawaii, with Master's Degrees in Education and Business Admin, and I carry and extra 60+ Graduate credits in Counseling and Clinical Psychology. I first taught students with special needs and ESLL in 1991, and I have taught all ages, from 2.5 years old to Adult learners and Graduate Students in Business, Psychology, Social Sciences, and Humanities. I am also certified in Special Education, I have taught all 13 categories of IDEA eligibility criteria, including Autism Spectrum/Pervasive Developmental Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, including Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia for the past 10 years. I am trained and Certified in Orton Gillingham by the State of Hawaii Dept. of Education, during the 2008-2009 School Year. I was trained directly by Ron Yoshimoto, who is the Hawaii Dept. of Education's Statewide Special Education Literacy Resource Teacher Trainer. I am also trained in the Wilson FUNdation and Wilson Reading Program, which is the more "children friendly" version of the Orton Gillingham methods, for which I attended annual training conducted by the Colorado Department of Education under Robert Frantum Allen. Most importantly, I have 100% success rate. I work with my student's strengths and focus on what they do well, to build on the skills which will start filling in the "holes" that need filling up. Again, once things makes sense to my students, their success is GUARANTEED.
"When I needed someone to read over my term paper prior to submission, I turned to Alfina. Her knowledge of grammar and writing styles is extensive. Alfina also takes the time to go over any questions you may have and explains things thoroughly. She is knowledgeable in many areas and is a great tutor for all ages."
- Michelle H., Colleague/Friend in PERKIOMENVILLE PA
"I had the opportunity to work with Alfina when I was writing a proposal for my Advanced Technical Communication graduate class. She made a number of observations and suggestions to improve its quality and flow. She is an excellent, patient tutor, who brings out the best in students and their work. I would highly recommend her."
- Mary T., Colleague/Friend in ROCHESTER MN
"Alfina worked with our tutoring company in our after school, small group, reading program. She was very effective, the students were very engaged, and showed excellent growth on post tests. We would be happy to employ Alfina in the future. "
- Ann M., Fellow Teacher in DENVER CO
"It is a Pleasure... I am glad that I found Alfina W. She is a wonderful tutor and teacher, she definitely reaches my high expectations and my son's needs. She is very experienced, she sure does know what she is doing."
- Fatima A., Parent in LITTLETON CO
"The Best Tutor / Teacher You'll Find. Alfina has been teaching our two children (1st and 3rd grade) for two months now and we could not be more satisfied! As the result of her efforts, we seen remarkable growth in their academic performance. Alfina is very highly educated and has terrific training, experience and skill in working with dyslexic children, in particular. She has totally exceeded our expectations. "
- Allen H., Parent in LITTLETON CO
"Dear Prospective Parents, I had the privilege of working with Alfina a couple of years ago through the NCLB-based tutoring organization No Child Left Behind, where she was one of several tutors I had working for me at an inner city elementary school in Aurora, CO. She was, by far, the best tutor in my employ at that time. She was always well organized, came with prepared lesson plans and supplies for activities, and ran a well-structured, energetic section. I suspect the kids got more in our twice a week, 2 hour sections from her than they got from their regular classes. The children we were working with were significantly behind their peers, and really struggling in the large, traditional classrooms. Because of her caring and organization, each child was encouraged and supported and received the educational opportunity they deserved. Alfina is a smart, caring, structured teacher who knows how to be effective in all circumstances. I wholeheartedly endorse her. -Prof. B"
- Nathanial B., Fellow Teacher in DENVER CO
"Mrs. W is an exceptional Tutor/teacher. She is knowledgeable and patient. She is excellent working with my son who has adhd, asbergers and is a teenager. She personalizes his learning plan to his interests. My son likes her a lot and so do we. She works with my son on math/pre-algebra, reading and writing, homework assistance, computer skills, and for fun foreign languages."
- Kelli H., Student in LITTLETON CO
"As a long-distance friend, Alfina has taken the time out of her busy schedule to help me with writing projects. She is very patient and gives great, practical advice, without stepping on toes or crushing the spirit. I would highly recommend her. "
- Sande B., Colleague/Friend in BUFFALO NY
"She is Wonderful! Alfina has been working with my autistic son for 2 weeks now and I am extremely happy so far. She is very dedicated to my son's progress and I see positive changes in him already. This is the first time he is actually sounding out words and excited to learn. I immediately felt comfortable with her and I hope to work with her for a very long time. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants a professional working with their children."
- Deborah G., Parent in AURORA CO
"I was lucky to find Alfina- after falling behind in a class I desperately needed a tutor. I knew if I had the one-on-one experience with someone knowledgeable I could get myself out of the hole. Alfina was the perfect fit; not only did she explain each problem to me, she provided notes that I could use to improve my comprehension and exam preparation. She saved me an immense amount of time by specifying exactly what I needed to know. Because of Alfina’s guidance and time-saving skills, I was able to pull my failing grade up to a B+ within weeks. Two years later I had fallen behind in another class. This time I knew exactly what to do- reach out to Alfina immediately! Because of her help, within 5 days I caught up with the class and kept my A. Besides the grades, perhaps the most valuable aspect of Alfina is her dependability; she stayed in close contact via email throughout the day and never once missed any deadlines. As a full time working mom, wife, and student this was incredibly important to my success. I highly recommend Alfina to anyone who needs immediate, thorough help!"
- Holly R., Student in JACKSONVILLE FL
"Amazing Education Professional -- Alfina is an amazing educator. She is truly a professional who is dedicated to her student s academic growth and achievement. She has a rare mixture of extensive education, experience and wisdom. In regards to my son s learning disabilities, Alfina was able to pick up on what he needed almost immediately to address his learning disabilities specifically and push him to the next level of learning. This is something that the Cherry Creek School District and its entire SpEd team (at one of their highest rated High Schools) have managed to ignore. My son felt immediately comfortable with her. Alfina, while remaining realistic is a great encourager. With Alfina's help, my son has set his goal for going to college (something he had given up on). I would recommend Alfina for any general or special education student. In fact I have already recommended her to my friends. "
- Christina W., Parent in AURORA CO
"Terrific Tutor! We hired Alfina to tutor our 7 year-old with handwriting. She totally retrained him in letter formation and there is a night and day difference in his penmanship. That went so well we ask if she would continue once a week with both the 7 year old and his eight year old brother in all areas of their academic work. They both have improved their grades and understanding of math and reading. They do their homework with her each week, no fuss or scolding!! Highly recommended! "
- Harriet B., Parent in DENVER CO
"Alfina has worked as a tutor for me during the last 2 school years. I have found her to be very reliable. I have observed her teaching and she is very good with the students and they seem to really like her and make a connection with her. I would recommend her for any tutoring position. Thank you,"
- Denise H., Colleague/Friend in LITTLETON CO
"Best Tutor I've Ever Seen! I recommend Alfina W. as your tutor because she helped me a lot. One thing I like about her is her patience. She is on time; I mean she always shows up. My grade was a C but now I am an A student because of her. "
- Abdullahi S., Student in DENVER CO
"I highly recommend Alfina as a tutor to your child. My granddaughter was having a very difficult time with math in Middle School. In fact she had an F at the end of the first trimester. She had struggled since grade achool. Alfina was recommended to me by a friend. She met with my granddaughter twice a week and by the end of the school year my granddaughter had raised her grade from an F to an A. She received a math award for the most improved student. Her self esteem increased significantly. Before, she considered herself dumb, stupid, etc. and hated math. Alfina taught her she was very capable of conquering math...she just needed some help. I am very grateful we found Alfina. I think you will be too. "
- Linda D., Parent in ARVADA CO
"I would like to reiterate what someone else already said here. Alfina is Organized and she comes well prepared. I hired Alfina this summer of 2012 for my son who needed some preperation for the Military ASVAB test.Alfina crafted a curriculumn that covered the main elements of the ASVAB- Word Knowledge Arithmetic Reasoning,Mathematics Knowledge,Paragraph Comprehension,& Verbal Expression. The progress my child has made thus far has exceeded my expectations. Alfina will commit to your childs progress and that is the reason I would recommend her."
- Walter C., Parent in AIEA HI
"In the space of a 5 week summer session, we saw our 10 year old daughter "break through" in both her phonics and her arithmetic skills. We credit Ms. W. and give her the highest recommendation."
- Erik K., Parent in HONOLULU HI
"She offers a structured curriculum, and gives out a detail information about how my child is doing everyday. She provides a small group setting so that my child can focus better. She give enough and good space between my child and instructor so that my child is encourage to be independent. "
- Yoko M., Parent in HONOLULU HI
"We hired Alfina to work with our 4-year-old son who needed help with his fine motor skills development. She connected with him right away and he has made major improvements in the first month working with Alfina. We were so impressed with her skills, professionalism, and knowledge that we also hired her to work with our 9-year-old with homework assistance and she is doing much better managing her workload with Alfina's guidance."
- Lynn C., Parent in AURORA CO
"Alfina is a fantastic tutor and teacher. She was able to help our daughter, in high school, through every subject (English, Math, Spanish, Science, Social Studies). I know that should our daughter ever need additional help in college, we will be reaching out to Alfina again. She is also very friendly and has a great sense of humor."
- Allison S., Parent in ENGLEWOOD CO
"My son has been working with Alfina since June to improve his reading and math skills. After the summer, I asked her to continue on with homework help. She has been patient with him and he enjoys working with her. He said that "she makes learning fun". There are sessions when he does not want her to leave. I highly recommend Alfina. She is patient, dependable and really knows her way around children and how to best help them."
- Margie E., Parent in AURORA CO
"I would higly recommend Alfina as a personal tutor as she exudes professonalisam. Alfina has the requisite knowledge to assist any student at any age to reach his fullest potential. Alfina teaches with professoinalism, grace , and most importantly she teaches with patience. When I was first introduced to Alfina I was nervous and lacked the confidence necessary to acheive my educational goal. By the second session with Alfina I was totally comfortable and Alfina helped to instill the confidence necessary to for skill building. Thank you, Kimberly"
- Student in LOS ANGELES CA
"My son has worked with Alfina and has made great progress in a short amount of time. Alfina has focused on his strengths and has always made him feel comfortable.She has great knowledge and patience with her students. I highly recommend Alfina, she has been a wonderful tutor. Thank you, Danielle "
- Danielle K., Parent in PARKER CO
"Alfina Wilson improved our sons reading, writing, and math. She was courteous and always on time. I would recommend her to any student.??"
- Bryn H., Student in DENVER CO

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