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Joseph K. - Tutor in LANSDOWNE, PA

Subjects: Math, Math-Algebra, Math-Geometry, Math-Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Science-Physics, Business (economics/accounting/other), Science & engineering, Algebra, Physics
Teaching Location: Travel To Student
Travel Radius: 35 mi
Specialties: Elementary Education, Secondary Education, College/Adult Education
Education: BSEE and MBA
Certifications: Honors Graduate with BSEE & MBA
Hourly Rate: $30 - $70
Teaching Motto: Practice makes perfect.
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Joseph is highly skilled at showing students how to apply math and science to solve problems. Students must overcome the sense that of "it’s boring" and “how will I ever use this” with learning how to apply the tools of math and science for a purpose. Only when the student becomes engaged and develop the desire to focus can the student discover that it is exciting and fun to solve real life problems by applying the tools of math and science. Joseph has helped hundreds of students become motivated with his infectious enthusiasm. He unlocks the student’s inner desire to solve problems by making math and science come alive as powerful tools to find answers and solve every day problems. It has been shown that fully engaged and motivated students who discover a purpose in life and applications for the tools of math and science naturally excel. Joseph enjoys helping students connect the dots. When students wake up to real opportunities before them to improve their lives and open doors there is a natural tendency to want to learn more and put forth the effort to succeed. There are no short cuts to mastering the applications of math and science. Only practice and effort will allow the student to achieve their goals. Excellence has a price. When students understand how to apply the tools of math and science as an open door to exciting life opportunities, then they are encouraged to put forth the energy and effort required. It has been demonstrated that emotional intelligence is far better indicator to a student’s future success and IQ. Joseph has developed ways to encourage students to pay the price of success by becoming effective problem solvers.
"My goal was to find a tutor that could change, "I HATE math, it’s my worst subject" to, "I can do this!" And perhaps even get to, "This is kinda fun". That is what Joseph was able to do! The change in attitude could be measured with every lesson. In a summer Matt became proud of his ability to learn! At the end of the day a tutor is individual attention so Matt understood each process along the way and this made all the difference. It was also great that Joseph could come to us and was flexible so my son didn’t feel that he was missing his summer! Now we will see what the school year brings, but what a difference! Matt is looking forward to using his new skills. I also like the fact that Joseph encouraged Matt to stay in touch, especially with any interesting problems! This tutor is an ongoing resource; Matt never has to ‘let his grades slip’ again! I highly recommend Joseph as a highly, effective, gifted, math tutor. Most Sincerely, Kate "
- Kate H., Parent in ASTON PA
"Joseph K. is an outstanding presenter and very competent in the fields of science and mathematics. I would recommend him for any tutoring or teaching position. Joseph conducted workshops for my students. He was able to demonstrate practical applications for the math and science concepts taught. The students were attentive and responded very positively to Joseph’s motivational demonstrations. He engaged all of the students by simplifying math and science principles to make them more understandable. His extensive education and experience in scientific research provided him with the background required to design learning activities that were age appropriate, understandable, and successful."
- Carol K., Fellow Teacher in HIGHLAND IN

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