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Kendra T. - Tutor in WEST BLOOMFIELD, MI

Subjects: Phonics, Reading & writing, Math, Homework help & study skills
Teaching Location: Tutor Home/Studio
Travel Radius: N.A.
Specialties: Special Needs, Elementary Education
Education: Master's-LD;Endorsement-EI;Bachelor's EMI
Certifications: Emotionally Impaired
Hourly Rate: $60 - $70
Teaching Motto: Be the best that you can be. You can because you think you can
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As a private tutor for over 40 years, I have attempted to make learning fun. Because the average brain needs to see and experience something seven times to be imprinted, the students with special needs, require small steps with repetition but presented in an amusing manner. Sometimes that presentation seven times needs to be 7X7 and each time presented differently. I have taught in 4 schools for special needs students and have taught teachers, as a principal, techniques to help the students move forward. My techniques often work faster for those students who are in the general education millieu. I believe that homework is essential to review past work and to reinforce that which is new. I believe that a student must feel comfortable and be able to express him or her self in an appropriate manner when they become anxious in various situations. Self confidence will insure that. I have been given a gift of being able to ascertain in a very short period of time where the student has lost the pertinent instruction in order to move forward. I then go back to that area of lost instruction, teach it and have the students learn it so they can continue the learning process. I use whatever works to teach the students and to help them to believe they can learn. When they believe they can they will learn.
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