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Monica B. - Tutor in NEWTON CENTER, MA

Subjects: Reading & writing, Math, Homework help & study skills, English-Literature, English-Writing, Math-Algebra, Math-Geometry, Social Studies-History, Social Studies-Government, French, SAT/PSAT/ACT, SAT subject tests, AP tests, LSAT & application review, GMAT & application review, Career (resume/interview/presentation), TOEFL, Hebrew, Algebra, Writing/Proofreading/Editing, Psychology, College admissions, History and other Humanities, Secondary School (COOP/HSPT/IB/ISEE/SSAT)
Teaching Location: Tutor Home/Studio,Travel To Student,Remotely Via Video/Phone
Travel Radius: 20 mi
Specialties: Secondary Education, College/Adult Education
Education: JD, Boston College Law BA, Harvard College
Hourly Rate: $70 - $110
Teaching Motto: Learn from your mistakes, always room for improvement. Be the best that you can be.
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I am an experienced tutor with a Harvard BA and I have been tutoring students in the Boston area for over 4 years, preparing for the SAT, ACT, SSAT, SAT subject tests, writing, and math tutoring. My students are each assessed by me for strengths and weaknesses. Then I work in 60- to 90-minute blocks, once or twice per week. I assign practice lessons and skill building exercises. Also, I can teach question strategies, tips and tricks to make the exams easier. I have very strong language skills, as well as good math skills. I love the experience of teaching all types of students. With the right tools and self-confidence, my students have raised their SAT and ACT scores dramatically. Students also gain valuable study skills that will help them in all of their future educational challenges. Learning how to write a concise and coherent essay is always useful. Most of my students raised their scores substantially, from 50 to 150 points per section of the SAT I can come to your student's area and meet there, in a library, home or coffee shop, or you can meet me in Newton. My rates vary depending upon distance that I would have to travel, so the lowest rates are for meeting in my home. The best results come from motivated students who are diligent and curious, and do not skip lessons. I look forward to hearing from you and finding out more about you and your student! best, M.B. I look forward to hearing from you!
"Monica is wise in the way of exams and also in the way of teens. She understands that self-esteem as an important part of them doing well and ensures that they learn AND feel good about themselves. She delivers Math, English and exam skills, making teens confident about those skills in the process."
- Miriam M., Parent in NEWTON CENTER MA
"Monica is a wonderful tutor! After seven sessions with my 17 year old son, his SAT Reading and Writing test scores have risen by 180 points! He looks forward to their lessons and always reports that he learns a lot and can see and feel the progress he is making, and his growing confidence is plain to see. He especially appreciates that Monica is straightforward, knowledgeable, and gives good answers to his questions that he can understand and use. He says she confirms his comprehension at every step, and she seems sincerely committed to his success. When I look at my son's most recent writing samples I can hardly believe they're really his. The improvement is incredible! We tried another tutor from Princeton Review first, but Monica is much less expensive and far more effective. If you're looking for a tutor, don't hesitate to choose Monica. "
- Jeff M., Parent in NEEDHAM HEIGHTS MA
"Monica is an easy person to communicate. She came to my house and was flexible when I needed to change date/time of our appointments. Monica demonstrated superb knowledge in the area of Math and also her teaching style was accessible for my 16-year-old daughter. She always gave a lot of examples and provided reinforcements in a way of assigning homework. She worked at my daughter's pace while challenging her, thus providing an appropriate motivation. I strongly recommend her for tutoring."
- Tatyana F., Student in STOUGHTON MA

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