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Amy M. - Tutor in SACRAMENTO, CA

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Subjects: Phonics, Reading & writing, Math, Homework help & study skills, Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese/other), English (2nd language)
Teaching Location: Tutor Home/Studio
Travel Radius: N.A.
Specialties: Child/Early Development, ESL/Multi-lingual, Special Needs, Elementary Education
Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree Liberal Studies
Certifications: California Multiple Subjects Professional Clear
Hourly Rate: $30 - $50
Teaching Motto: Learning is fun. Learn from your mistakes, always room for improvement.
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Passion and energy have fueled my teaching during the last 20 years in the Sacramento area. I have taught 2nd-8th grade and have practiced new learning for myself opening a tutoring business. I have traveled the world and am committed to offering my time to helping others. People, especially children, respond to me. I am kind, consistent, and have high expectations. I am especially good at teaching writing, spelling, grammar, math concepts, and study skills. I have two children entering high school and know what it is like to be a working mom. In addition, I am community and service minded.
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What is a trial class?

Finding the right tutor takes more than a teaching profile page – it requires the right chemistry… Therefore, all our tutor members have agreed to offer new students a trial class to help determine if there’s a great fit. This means no semester-long contracts… just find a tutor, pay the flat NextGuru trial class fee and have a test run!

What happens after the trial?

That’s completely up to you! You have no obligation to continue classes. If you decide to continue, you work out the details (including schedule and payment method) directly with your instructor. If the chemistry wasn’t right, just come back to NextGuru and you can try another instructor…

How does NextGuru get paid?

All instructors are eligible for free membership – this is critical so that you can have the broadest, most diverse selection of teachers possible. Therefore, instead of paying a mandatory membership fee or a commission on lessons, our tutor members have given up their one-time trial class fee to help pay for technology and marketing costs.


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