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Tripp D. - Tutor in BROOKLYN, NY

Subjects: Guitar/banjo/ukulele/other, Drums/percussion, Music theory/history/composition, Music production & technology
Teaching Location: Tutor Home/Studio,Travel To Student,Remotely Via Video/Phone
Travel Radius: 15 mi
Specialties: Child/Early Development, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, College/Adult Education
Education: Berklee College of Music, Bachelor's Degree
Certifications: Dean's List and Cum Laude
Hourly Rate: $30 - $60
Teaching Motto: You can achieve anything you set your mind to. Learning is the path of life
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I've been playing music my whole life. From the first time my aunt pulled me up on stage to sing, to traveling the world playing and studying music has been, and is, my deepest passion in life. I grew up playing guitar and drumset. I spent most of my teenage years practicing and playing with friends, and I studied drumset and percussion at Berklee College of Music. Now, I travel all over to play for people and to continue my pursuit of knowledge and growth through music and life. That's the best thing about it all - the journey never truly ends! It's an ever changing and evolving path, and there is so much beauty in it! I believe that there is no absolute "right way" to learn music. The first thing I ask a new student is "What do you want to learn? What do you want from studying music?" The path for each person is different. Of course, there are things that everyone has to go through learning (like technical things on instruments), but everyone has their own self to put into their musical journey. My job is to use what I know to help each student find their own path and enjoyment in the vast and beautiful world of music. Learning music is fun and such an incredibly rewarding experience! I want to teach you and to share my love and joy of it with you!
"Tripp is an excellent teacher and master of rhythm and music. He understands how to identify the student's needs quickly and help them exceed their goals, on multiple levels including technique, theory, ear training, repertoire, and a diverse spread of percussion, drum set, and world music instruments. D's experience as an international touring musician, studio player, and teacher all combine to make him an ideal instructor for students of any level and in any style of music, from rock/pop drumming to the most beautiful and intricate traditions of Indian hand percussion (Tabla), various styles of afro caribbean music, jazz, and traditional music of many different cultures. His sharp ear and excellent ability to instantly learn anything he hears and play it back would be a huge advantage for any student to absorb alone, and his personal style is both easy to work with and learn from."
- Ernest C., Colleague/Friend in NASHVILLE TN

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